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SMT assembly
Watt-Hour meters calibration and certification
Watt-Hour meters service

digital energy meter
digital switch clock
digital ripple control receiver

“CITI” Ltd Beograd is privately owned company, founded in 1992, with corporate domicile in Belgrade, Cerski venac 20. At first the company was specialized in calibration services of old and new electric meters, and printed circuit board production. Over time company has grown and new business activities have been introduced; development, manufacturing, repairing and verification of equipment for electrical energy measurement.

At present, ”CITI” Ltd owns the laboratory for testing of measurement devices and production department with high level technology equipment and good knowledge and experience in production of equipment for electric power measurement. The company constantly works on the improvement of existing products and development of the new ones in accordance with market and customer needs.

“CITI” Ltd has 60 employees at this moment. Five of them hold Bachelor degree graduated in Electrical Engineering.